PORTILLO - Inca Lake and Ski Resort - Full day

Inca Lake  - Portillo 

Portillo Ski Resort and Inca Lake 


Portillo is a ski center in the High Mountains.

And also you´ll see one of the most beautiful landsacpe from Chile - The Inca Lake

This wonderful lake change its color every season.

Ski Resort Portillo in the High Season: June to September

You can enjoy the natural water coming down from the High Mountains.Even you ´ll have the chance to drink it.100% pure.

Border with Argentina.

- Itinerary:

Pick you up at your hotel at 07:30 a.m ( Winter High Season ) 

Pick you up at your hotel at 08:30 a.m ( No Winter High Season ) OCTOBER TO MAY

First of all we´re gonna stop in the middle of the  river where the water comes down from the Mountains, there you can drink 

natural water.

We go to the border between Chile and Argentina

Finally we´ll visit the Lake Inca .

If you´re skiing - you ´ll need to rent ski clothes and equipment.

Full day.

Time to go down: 4 p.m.

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