Casa del Bosque Vineyard & The route of the wines - Full day -


The route of the wines - Casablanca Valley. 

Definetly this is the paradise of the wines.

A region with 11000  acres only with wine production. They produce both white and red wines.

All wines from this region are organics.

55 miles distant from Santiago

Firts of all we go to the a small town called Curacavi- They´re reconized by their delicious candies and wide agriculture. 

We ´ll visit 3 vineyards in the Casablanca Valley

Casa del Bosque : One of the most beautiful vineyards from this region.

Viña Mar : As beautiful as Casa del Bosque , you´ll be impressed by its landscapes. 

Viña Indomita is the last vineyard to visit - The sight from this vineyard is the best atracttion and you can see the whole Casablanca Valley  at the top of this vineyard and the same time  you can tast their good wines. 

Vineyards to vsit:

- Casa del Bosque 

- Viña Mar 

- Indomita 

- Itinerary:

Pick up at the your hotel at  10:00 a.m.

Arrive in the Casa del Bosque  Vineyard at 12:00 p.m 

Included: Entrance to the Casa del Bosque Vineyard, visit to the cellars, walking in the middle of the grape trees, históry and tasting of 3 types  of wines from their production.

Then we go to Viña Mar where you can lunch in their good restaurant with a delicious menu: fish, pasta, seafood, exotic and gourmet foods and much more.

( Restaurant is Optional )

The last vinyeyard to visit is the Indomita

Time to leave  : 4:30 p.m.

Drop off your hotel at  6:30 p.m. 

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